Youth 4 A Sustainable Future

What is Youth 4 a sustainable future?

Diverted Waste From Landfills

From Feburary 2022 to Present

Organic Waste/Paper:

1,253 lbs

Rescue Foods:

13,127 lbs

Prevented greenhouse gas (methane)

10,016 lbs

The goal of this program is to teach students how to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives. Students know that their furture is at stake and that the impacts of climate change will affect everyone, regardless of sex, religion, or socio-economic background.

This program will work toward the following goals to provide enviornmental education for Chula Vista youths:

  • Students will learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives

  • Students will have greater access to fresh, organic vegetables through the school gardens to teach them how food choices affect climate change and the environment

  • Students will receive training on the science of composting and how to keep a food scrap diversion log

  • Students will have access to community composting and resources for home or neighborhood composting

  • Students will develop public speaking, civic engagement, and leadership skills as they share sustainability presentations with their peers and the local community through outreach events

Each year, club students would pass on the program, training, and knowledge to the next year's students to continue this program through the years. SBSCN is always working with the community to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships and has relationships with the City of Chula Vista and with Sweetwater Union High School District STEM Instructors

Students of Y4SF urged Chula Vista Council to adopt the Climate Emergency Declarations

y4sf school Leads

hilltop high: destinee jones

My name is Destinee Jones and I am the Vice President of Youth 4 A Sustainable Future and Interact. I am currently a senior at Hilltop High school. I believe that together we are able to make a difference. That’s why I try to stay involved in these clubs to bring awareness to our environment.

hilltop high:

andrea necoechea

Hi, my name is Andrea Necoechea. I am a part of the Interact Club at Hilltop High School. I am so excited to be leading the Y4SF here at Hilltop High. I hope to have students be aware of their food waste & the small changes they can make here at school. Then take home the information to their families for properly sorting food waste & giving the nutrients back to the soil. I hope to make this a learning process for students, their families and school staff.

bonita vista high:

Kevin Ituriaga

I'm Kevin Ituraga, a student from Bonita Vista High School graduating with the class of 2023. This program is improtant to me as it helps reduce the effects of climate change and global warming. With reducing food waste, we reduce the amount of food going into the landfills, while simultaneously donating the food to those how need it. With Y4SF I expect us to be able to have an everlasting impact at our school in reducing food waste and doing our part in stopping climate change.

Bonita vista high: Miguel Rodriguez

Hello, my name is Miguel Rodriguez and I'm a junior in Bonita Vista High School. I'm excited to help take these small steps to make this world what we all imagine it to be. I hope to inspire more people to make a change and pass down the knowledge I have acquired to my sophomores or even the seniors

bonita vista high: Raul Ontiveros

My name is Raul Ontiveros and I am a senior at Bonita Vista High School. I have been a part of Youth 4 a Sustainable Future for 2 years now. This program is very important to me because I see the resulting positive change within my school and community. Since we began the program, we have rescued 4,430+ pounds of edible food, which has gone back to the community through food drives, refugee shelters, and to unsheltered people. It has been a very rewarding experience knowing that these uneaten foods are being put to use, especially by people who truly need them. Joining Youth 4 a Sustainable Future has made me a more conscious person in my environment, and I encourage everyone to join!

Bonita vista high: Mikhail alcantara

I'm Mikhail and I'm a student lead for Y4SF at Bonita Vista High School. One of my favorite things about growing up is getting to experience and truly appreciate the world's natural wonders. The physical appearance of the earth isn't the only thing that makes it so beautiful; it also has the ability to provide for us and give us life. But with every new story on the news about our environment, I get to see something I love get harmed over and over again and suddenly all the things many take for granted are on its way to total depletion. Many people want change but don't know where to start, which is why I believe that Y4SF is that first step. In my own experiences with the program, I've learned that I have the ability to be the change I wish to see in the world and I hope we can make a difference together by incorporating sustainable practices in our everyday lives.

Otay ranch high:

KAte van wormer

My name is Kate Van Wormer, I’m a junior at Otay Ranch High School. I am also this years leader of Y4SF, and we are working on preventing mass food waste at our schools and trying to improve our schools environment! I am very excited to participate in Y4SF and see the sustainable progress we continue to make as a school and community.

For more information on the Y4ASF program contact Tina Matttihas at (619)857-5951