Youth 4 A Sustainable Future

What is Youth 4 a sustainable future?

The goal of this program is to teach students how to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives. Students know that their future is at stake and that the impacts of climate change will affect everyone.

This program will work toward the following goals to provide environmental education for Chula Vista youths:

Each year, club students would pass on the program, training, and knowledge to the next year's students to continue this program through the years. SBSCN is always working with the community to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships and has relationships with the City of Chula Vista and with Sweetwater Union High School District STEM Instructors

Updated Y4SF Totals

Since 2022... 

All Y4SF schools combined have accomplished diverting over 160,000 lbs of food waste from the landfill, of which over 116,000 lbs were edible foods that were rescued and redistributed to food-insecure families. This has prevented over 108,000 lbs of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere. Way to go Y4SF!

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Check out this article Y4SF students are featured in, talking about tackling food waste and climate change!

Y4SF Students Taking Action

On September 12th, Y4SF students from Otay Ranch, Bonita and Hilltop High School attended the city council meeting to support the single-use plastics reduction ordinance. Facing Chula Vista Mayor John McCann along with the rest of the city council, Y4SF students prepared speeches to express their care and support for such an important cause. 

Not only is Y4SF a student run club under South Bay Sustainable Communities, but these students are actively involved in the community, advocating for a greener future. Students also participate in council meetings in support of sustainable ordinances and new regulations. These regulations include but are not limited to:

Watch the video below to see how we incorporate Youth 4 Sustainable Future in elementary schools!

Updated Coronado Video

Watch the video below for more information on how we incorporate Y4SF into middle and high schools!

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Y4FS News Releases !

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Check out the new coverage of one of our Youth 4 A Sustainable Future school locations! 

Students of Y4SF urged Chula Vista Council to adopt the Climate Emergency Declarations

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