Educational Programs

What We Offer

Not only does South Bay Sustainable Communities strive to educate the general public, we especially care about the future of our planet and future generations! We visit elementary, middle and high schools to showcase various ways humans can make a positive impact on the environment by living a sustainable lifestyle! We showcase this one of two ways; lunch time booth or in classroom sessions, both can be altered and tailored to the age groups present.

In Class Sessions

We offer in classroom presentations that educate students on topics including but not limited to:

Sustainable Education Booth at Lunch

We offer lunch interactive booths educating students on topics including but limited to:

If you are a teacher, student or staff who would like to see us at your school, email us expressing your interest so we can discuss and plan a one of a kind presentation regarding topics you would like to see shown!

Educational Summer Programs

Alongside doing programs throughout the school year, we have partnered with outdoor educational camps where we teach about composting, native pollinators and native plants! This nontraditional backyard classroom is a great way for young minds to have hands on experience!

Southwest Middle School Native Pollinator Garden Restoration

At Southwest Middle School, we gathered ambitious middle school students who wanted to make a difference on a local level! Building their compost bin, filling up garden beds, leveling and adding nutrients to the soil were some of the actions held by students. We ended the day by planting native plants in order to attract native pollinators and aid in the restoration of our ecosystem. Our before and after photos demonstrate the monumental actions these students took in order rehabilitate a former dead-zone!



This project was made possible thanks to our partnership with Caltrans and Rain Bird!

Interested in having us be part of your educational program, email for more details!