South Bay Sustainable Communities Network Sponsorship Opportunities

Like you, South Bay Sustainable Communities Network (SBSCN) is committed to building healthy and sustainable communities.  We do this by encouraging local residents and students to create lasting change in their daily lives through education and community engagement in environmental conservation, neighborhood composting, and sustainable urban farming. From established programs and events to new initiatives, our sponsorship categories provide ample opportunities to recognize your organization’s support and advance the issues important to creating sustainable communities.

Below are our different sponsorships offered!

Compost Hub Sponsorship 

Sponsorship of SBSCN’s foundational Neighborhood Compost Program supports the staffing and sustainability of 20 compost sites that divert and collect food scraps from 350 local residents, diverting 50,000+ lbs of food scraps per year, and returning 4,400+ lbs of finished compost per year back to the compost hub contributors.  These numbers are based on the pounds of food scraps that are collected and weighed every two weeks at the compost hubs, as well as the weight of the finished compost from each hub every two months.  

Y4SF Educational Sponsorship 

Sponsorship of SBSCN’s most expansive model program, Youth 4 a Sustainable Future (Y4SF), with the students hosting a zero waste sorting station at lunch, then composting onsite and rescuing edible foods to be distributed back into the community.  Through the club’s daily impact, Y4SF currently reaches over 6,000 students in the Sweetwater Union High School District, who divert over 33K lbs of food waste per year.

Edible Tree Nursery Sponsorship 

In June of 2023, SBSCN  launched the  Hollister Grow & Pick Fruit Farm.  Through regenerative farming practices, sponsorship support will enable the ongoing management of a newly hired farm leader and two quarterly paid interns from SBSCN’s Y4SF program, with an annual goal of propagating 500 fruit bearing tree saplings and planting a variety of 150 fruit-bearing trees.  Once established, SBSCN will give back 20% percent of its yield to ensure a greater level of tree planting throughout the region and help feed food-insecure residents through the disbursement of locally grown fruit.

Food Distribution Sponsorship

Sponsorship support of SBSCN’s Food Distribution Program will help sustain our efforts to pick up rescued food from Y4SF school sights and deliver them to food pantries, ensuring that over 30,000 lbs of food are rescued and redistributed every year.

Sponsorship Levels & Benefits