South Bay Sustainable Communities Network

501 (c)(3) Nonprofit 

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Our Mission: 

The mission of South Bay Sustainable Communities Network is to build healthy and sustainable communities by encouraging people to create lasting change in their daily lives through education and community engagement in environmental conservation, neighborhood composting, and sustainable urban farming. 

What we Accomplished In 2023 !

16 community neighborhoods composted 40,000 pounds of food waste, creating 2,000 pounds of compost for the community!

SBSC rescued 7,500 pounds of edible food which was distributed into the community. 

Our Youth 4 a Sustainable Future (Y4SF), a student-led program consisting of 15 High, Middle, and elementary schools throughout the South Bay diverted 68,050 pounds of food waste from the landfill in 2023!

In total, SBSC diverted 115,550 pounds of food waste, which prevented 78,112 pounds of Carbon Dioxide greenhouse gas emissions!

Neighborhood composting creates a community out of kitchen scraps - The San Diego Union-Tribune.pdf

In the San Diego Union-Tribune!

South Bay Sustainable Communities was featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune! Scroll to read the article, or click here to see the article on The San Diego Union-Tribune website!

Y4SF Totals For the 2023 Year!

This school year, all Y4SF schools combined have accomplished diverting 68,050 lbs of food waste, rescued foods, and liquids from the landfill, of which 54,855 lbs were edible foods that were rescued and redistributed to food-insecure families and 10,143 lbs were composted on site

This prevented 2,722 gallons of gas used in waste transportation and 46,000 lbs of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill. 

Way to go Y4SF!

Hilltop Hiigh School's Y4SF Team

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's Beautify Chula Vista!

This year, 125 people have volunteered 416 hours of their time to help clean up 1,000 lbs of trash! Thank you to everyone who came out to help keep Chula Vista clean!

Copy of Revised version of Beautify Chula Vista Video 2023

Beautify Chula Vista Video

Here is a video of this year's Beautify Chula Vista Clean-up that showcases the amazing work our volunteers are doing for the well-being of their community!

Tina Mattias Sustainable Journey Article 042023.pdf

Tina Matthias' Story Published in the Local Newspaper!

We would like to give a shout out on an amazing article written about Tina Matthias' sustainable Journey! We are so happy to not only see her story told but for it to be published in a local newspaper for the south bay community.  Please take the time to read and learn about our founder's story that inspired her to start this non profit, create sustainable neighborhoods and the youth led program implemented in both middle and high schools within the Sweetwater Union School District.

Youth 4 A Sustainable Future

Local youths taking charge of their future at school! 

Community outreaches

Contact us for participation and volunteering, or if you would like us to participate as a vendor at your event!

Covid-19 has created a plastic disaster! Single-use plastic bans that have been passed are not being enforced and it is taking a toll on the environment. Supporting restaurants with take-home food options has brought on a surge of single-use plastic utensils, straws, bags, and condiment packages. Though useful when eating in a non-home environment, taking these items just to eat at home becomes unnecessary and wasteful! Let's be conscious of the environment and practice sustainability when placing take-out or delivery orders and not include these single-use plastics in our orders. Join us in our "Opt Out Takeout Plastics Campaign" to help reduce single-use plastics in our landfill and cut restaurant expenses by not having to provide these plastics!

"The Earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations." 

- John Paul II